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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog fog?

Last weekend, we went to the beach when we were home. It was really nice when we left my house, we drove about 2 minutes, and we could see this fog bank just off shore. Creepy, non? If anyone out there can photoshop some zombies in there, I'll love you forever.

OHMYGODPUPPIES!!! How did I forget?? Roxy has Rocco's puppies last Friday. Unfortunately one didn't make it, but there are 7 gorgeous wee dogs that are getting very big already. At a few hours old:

Yesterday was free day around our street, meaning people put out piles of things that they don't want, but are too good to throw away. I resisted the urge to rifle through every pile, but I saw a door when I drove by one spot, and hounded the boy until he walked down to see if it was any good. Oh, free stuff! I love you!!

Also, Kijiji is good to me. I've been trying to get one of these since we moved here, and after 11 months of perseverance, the kitchen looks HUGE!! This is almost identical to the one we were looking at for $200 last weekend, and this was $125 cheaper. What was that? You want to see a very bad picture that you can't compare to to a before, because I don't have a before, and there's nothing in the picture that shows any kind of scale? OKAY!!

Maybe next weekend I'll actually get to make something...

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  1. oh! puppies! boy you've been busy lately. It's making me want to go have a lie down.
    Pepper x