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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

Cable and internet are amongst us. I forgot that we have a DVR now, and was really confused when Rocco paused tv. Turns out he doesn't have super powers.
So, let's see... I have several vintage sheets that I want to make into a dog quilt for the couch. If that will happen this weekend, I'm not sure, what with the grocer and the dog training and the car fixing tomorrow... but we'll see. Last weekend was Easter, and we were home, which led to a very happy dog who spent a lot of time doing this
and this and then some of this (And yes, that is Adam laying on my parent's kitchen floor. And yes, I do find that a little strange. But don't they look comfy?)

I haven't been doing much crafting, but I finally finished the car for my dad (it's not perfect, but dang that model paint is tricky)

It looks a lot better with the dash back in and the wheels on and what not.

So... I could be out tonight with Adam and some friends watching UFC but I was feeling antisocial, so I ducked out after supper to read and blog. That sounds awfully hermit-like, I know, but have you ever read Preston and Child??

Ooh! And before I forget, we took in the Halifax Crafters Market today. Oooh. and ahhhhhhhhhh. It was great!! I picked up a few buttons, and cards, and a wee journal, and I ended up having to go back to Quarrelsome Yeti booth for a t-shirt. Freakin' Zombie Beavers!!! I'll update with a picture, I swear. And I have a yearning for the dancing lighthouses.... Check him out, cause he's awesome.

What has everyone else been up to during my extended absence?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Quote Tuesday

Courtesy of Pepper, I think this is an awesome idea! I love quotes, and I've been collecting them forever. I keep mine in a little notebook that my Nanny gave me, each one handwritten, just because it seems like that's the way it should be. No story here, I'm just going to pick a random one.
"If you break/break going out not in." -Michael Ondaatje, "To A Sad Daughter"
Pop over to Pepper's to play along!

I get by with a little help from my friends....?

First, I'd just like to say, if I disappear for a while, it's because I may be experiencing a slight hiccup in my service provider. I was, and evidently, still am, with Bell. I was never impressed with the service, plus it's just stupid expensive, so we switched to Eastlink. Everything was set to cancel with Bell today (cross your fingers for me that they'll just forget about it for, oh, two weeks!) and get set up with Eastlink, but it turns out that I couldn't leave work early, and Adam was working, so we enlisted the help of a friend, we'll call him Dick, to let the technician in. So, Dick lives 2 houses away, has a key, and said, yes, no problem, I'm free between 12 and 5, I'll just run over when they call. So my sister stole my identity for 5 min, called Eastlink and changed the contact number to Dick's number, and all should have been well. *Insert deep sigh and under-the-breath swearing here.* So they called him at 2, and he came over, but at 2.45 he got tired of waiting, or his ADD kicked into overdrive, or some hoochie called him for a nooner, or something, so he left. Had the technician been here? No. Did he call to make sure they were still coming? No. Did he answer his phone when they guy arrived, and I'm sure, called him back (since I know they would have)?? NO. Now, I know what you're all thinking, 'Why, how odd! The cable guy is usually so punctual!' Apparently that's what Dick thought as well, because Dick just buggered off, and I can't get another appointment until the 29th. Which leads me to this question: how many people do you have in your life who you can really, really depend on? I can probably count them all on my fingers, and I am deeply appreciative of them, and hope they can count on me in the same way. As for Dick? Well. I just hope I can find some way to show him just how much I appreciate this. ***Intermission*** Now for good things, in point form:

  • Rocco did very well at his first obedience class. Meaghan, the trainer, said he wasn't very helpful to try and demonstrate anything, because he wasn't misbehaving enough. We have a long list of homework to do, but with Easter being next weekend, we have 2 weeks to work on it. I predict good things. She also recommended a Gentle Leader to help leash train him, but I was reading reviews on the internet *which I do know isn't always the best idea* and I read far too many things about how if the dog really takes off, it can cause neck injury. Knowing how hard he pulls and how stubborn he can be to get where he wants to go, I think I'll just work on her leash training tips. That and it just looks so sad seeing a dog walking with his head all cocked to one side.... So we'll see...

  • I got my income tax return today, so I thought I'd splurge one something I'd had my eye on for a while: This mug has been on clearance for waaaaaay over a month, it was marked down to $2 (there are no chips, so I have to assume it's got a lead glaze). I don't care, I lurve it! The patterns! The fonts! It's big, but not too big. Oh, lovely!

  • I picked up a wee Easter gift for my sister, but shh! don't tell her ;D.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My crafty mojo is MIA

If you see it wandering around, please send it home. In the meantime, I've discovered some things:

  1. Don't feed a dog pork. Which led to another discovery: the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets does an amazing job of cleaning carpet. Bless his furry little heart.

  2. This evening, we're starting obedience classes. Doesn't he look excited?

See, he listens really well. Sometimes. Unless he's distracted. And last week there was the "incident" where he was getting out of the car at the same time that the neighbors were letting there dog out, and he bolted across the street. Bad enough on it's own,but there was a car right there. *insert heart attack here*. His ass must've just skimmed the bumper. Oh my word. So between that, and the fact that walking him is akin to trying to halt a hatchback, this hound needs some real training. I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't just walk in and pee on someone.

3. I'm rekindling my romance with the VV Boutique. I still can't really imagine getting some clothes from there, but someday! Does anyone know anything about mugs like this? There're no markings on the bottom, just a 9-digit serial number that's etched into the pottery.

So. Today, I need to get another coat on that model car for my dad, clean the rug, do a little shopping. All the Sunday stuff that leads to the unfortunate event that is Monday Morning. Hope everybody's having a good weekend :D.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My computer was very sick...

But now it's all better! Yay! I don't know what it gets up to when I leave for the day, but it picked up more viruses than a dockyard ho. But I digress. So, quickly, an update, as my bed is calling

  • At work we're doing a renovation on a house that's almost 100 years old, so we've been finding the odd thing in the wall here and there, but yesterday, the electrician found a petrified orange, still in it's Sunkist wrapper. Apparently, with 12 cents and 11 wrappers, you could send away for a silver spoon. Unfortunately, the offer was void after Dec-31-1917. Hopefully that orange wasn't some poor guys lunch.

  • I haven't been doing much along the lines of crafty things *sadface, sweetie* but I did finish the table (finally), and the magnet board by the phone.

  • I still have a car to paint, which I need to get at this weekend.

  • I feel like I have missed much in the land o' the blog, so with all that catching up to do, I might not get to that car. (No. Must paint the car. Must paint the car before Easter....).

  • Saw this and chuckled:

My apologies for the short update, I'm just excited to be back!

So I'll leave you with a story. A few days ago, I was at work, but Adam was off, so I called him at lunch and asked him to cook the squash. The conversation went something like this: Me:Just cut it lengthwise, take out the seeds, put some oil and salt and pepper on it, and put it in the oven at 350. Adam: Okay. Me: Were you asleep? Adam: Yeaaaaa. Me and the hound were just having a nap. Me: Okay, just cook the squash. Around 4 hours later, he calls back, and goes, "Okay, I cut this and cleaned it out. You just want me to boil it, right?" So I explained everything again, now that I was talking to someone who was conscious. When my phone rang again an hour later, I wasn't expecting to hear, "Why is this thing smoking so much??" Uhm. I couldn't really say, since I wasn't there, so I asked him what he'd done, and he said just what I'd told him, with the addition of putting it "on that paper you use." I cook everything on parchment paper, so I was at a bit of a loss, and just assumed it was something that had gotten spilled and went unnoticed, and was now, well, catching on fire. Until something dawned on me, as I heard an echo of "that paper you use-- paper-- paper..." so I called back, and suggested he check the box; did he use the parchment paper, or the wax paper. My only response, as I heard the drawer open? "Uhm. I have to go..."