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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get me off this crazy thing. Called Love.

Two weekends. Two weddings. I'd like to not have to do that again for awhile. They were lovely. Good people. Good times. Good grief, that was a lot of wine. Today, my sister thought I was emotionally distraught; however, I'm just hungover. She understood, and said she just couldn't tell the difference between me being emotional and nauseous. Which makes sense, I usually can't either.


  • 5 sleeps until I pick up my BiFL (that's "best friend for life"; little something I picked up from a 12 year old. Yea, I'm cool like that) from ye old aeropuerto. Exciting because we haven't seen one another for 3 years!! OMG!! It's ridiculous. We met at University, and my first impression was 'How can anyone be that f*&#ing chipper and perky?' Turns out she was just nervous, and it turns out she's quite cynical and sarcastic as well, so we got along fine! We lived together in Halifax for 5 years, and then drove to Winnipeg in 2008 when she was going to northern Manitoba for work, and NOW she's coming back to me! Best. Birthday present. Ever. I'm stupid excited, and I have a lot to do before Friday!

  • That's us being smaller than a nickel....
    ...dranking in The Brady Bunch hotel (hahaha)....

  • ...and Lori's last day in Halifax. Sad face sweetie...But 5 more sleeps!!

  • I accidentally made purple beef stew tonight. It should be delicious, but I made it with fresh home grown purple haze carrots. Which turned the turnip and the onions and the potatoes, well... purple. It'd be great for Hallowe'en!

  • Speaking of which, I need to start my costume if I'm going to be a sock monkey. ;)

  • I just got a message on facebook about a fundraiser for Litters and Critters (a local animal rescue) called Howl-O-Ween. There are prizes, and bobbing for hot dogs! Would it be wrong of me to dress them like the Blues Brothers? Or maybe the Snooze Brothers. Y'think?

  • Adam's aunt gave us an old dresser, 3 drawers with casters on the legs.... I have a plan! (but no pictures yet!)

  • I would like to remind everyone that the Roast of Charlie Sheen is tomorrow.

Erm. Yes. I believe that is all. That comes to mind right now anyway. I'll leave you with a picture.

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