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Friday, November 4, 2011

Cold November Rain

... I was in it all morning. Brr.

First and foremost. I am in love. With Lee Valley. Best customer service. EVER. I took a block plane in that I bought there about 7 years ago. I had dropped it, which I explained to him, and the plate shattered around the blade, making it completely useless. So they replaced it. Just like that. Tradesies. Sweetness. I spent a while ogling the polished chrome plane. Sweet Jesus, it's beautiful.
I digress...

I did go back there tonight to pick up some stocking stuffers (and one schweeet batoning chisel for me), in the hopes of being prepared this year. There's always a first time, right? In closing, let me just say if you have a local Lee Valley (or if you're an internet shopper) check them out, because they have some very interesting things.

While I may be trying to prepare for Christmas, I just want to say, what the hell, stores? Is it really necessary to be decorated already? I mean, merchandise I can understand, but carols and lights and trees? That's just not cool. The only place that should be prepared for the Holidays is Starbucks, and that's because of the Egg Nog Lattes. However, I come bearing a warning: beware the Peppermint Brownie Pop. Delicious? Yes. But the peppermint pieces are reminiscent of glass shards and the pain outweighs the pleasure. Er, I think. Let me try it a few more times and I'll let you know for sure...

I think way back when I promised you something crafty, so here it is: Marcia's Hallowe'en present, a witches heart in a jar.

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