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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And that's when the arse fell out of her.

How've you been? I've been away, and I've missed you.
In April, I packed all my stuff and left Bedford and my ex, and blah blah blah. Things went sideways. What can I say? Well, a lot of things, but nothing I'm gonna say on here. Anyway, through an odd turn of events (and believe me sometimes it sure is frickin' odd around here) I ended up back at home, and helping my dad lobster fish for the season. Now... I'm on sabbatical. Apparently. That sounds right, anyway. I've been helping my dad fix his parents old place. And look, I sewed!
I sold 12 of these to The Stepping Stone, in Guysborough, and THAT makes me pretty happy.
Downside of living in the middle of nowhere: Seaside "highspeed"? It's a joke. It is not highspeed. It's, at best, perfectly average speed. And I get disconnected every time the phone rings. What the hell, man? In other news, a longer update to follow soon about my unfortunate brownie adventure, how much my parents are enjoying bonding with the hounds, and... erm... other stuff.

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  1. I love your coffee collars! The skull one is my fave :) I hope that things are going well for you. Life is so full of changes isn't it?!