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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been framed!!

Or, actually, I haven't. I have a (rather large) marine chart that I want to frame. It's 4'x3' and it will look so good once it's on the wall over the entertainment centre, which will also look sooo good once I have some (albeit more subtle than I wanted) alterations made. Whew. There's a lot more things-to-do than things-that-have-been-done. But it's coming, I swear.

Oh, yea! I was talking about frames. I did some running around this weekend with my sister (who has a lovely house that's too far away) so I checked out some prices. Micheal's was cheapest, at $370ish. That was for a very plain frame, no mat, Plexiglas, and they would have charged me more if they put the chart in the frame. Kent was just ridiculous. $576. Dollars, not yen. Before tax, and that doesn't include the glass. Did I miss something? Does anyone have any idea why this is so expensive? Cause I'm not a cheap person, but this seems v. over the top.

So it comes down to: I'm making a frame.

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  1. Actually my house is only about 16 km away - it just seems longer. But we had a good day and found some fabulous stuff for Hallowe'en. I just want to confirm hat Trudy's place is looking FAB-U-LOUS. I was there. I've seen it.