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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things are happening!!

As our house is looking more and more like I want it to, I'm getting closer and closer to actually getting some sewing done!! I have plans to go to the local Sunday crafty market (assuming they like my wares), and I have some things cut out (thanks to the hurricane related power outage). I also have some furniture related crafty re-dos planned. What was that? You'd like to see some pictures that are unrelated to everything? OKAY!!

Here's the view of the sun rise from the deck. The backyard is being cleared, the inside is being tidied-up, and finished, but is not yet ready for its close-up. Soon though.

And then on Saturday, this was how the barometer was reading. We got the rain, and the wind (gusts up to 134km/hr). We only lost a few branches, and power for about 24 hours. Earl wasn't nearly as ferocious as predicted.

So I went home for the rest of the long weekend; ventured to the beach with my aunt on Monday. It's Tuesday night, and I'm thawed out. You're thinking, Wow!Already?? right? I know! So cold. I managed to completely miss the summer, the nice weather (it was about 22C when these were taken, and the water was frigid!), and all the good swimming. Next summer: I live at the beach.

Not my car (it's my dad's baby) but I drove it to the beach, so I feel like we bonded.
Craft-related: this is where some of those plans come in. I need zippers. And heat and bond. And other things that require a trip to the fabric store. Yayayayay!!

Rocco is actually this lazy. He fell asleep while chewing on his (poor, abused, mutilated, but-still-much-loved) Scooby. He did have a big day of getting trapped in the bathroom, and having to eat Q-tips to survive (obviously not exactly true, and he's fine). Hopefully a certain bf has learned to double-check the bathroom door before he leaves.

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