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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I wasn't going to decorate, since we're going home (dogs and all! Crazy if you know my parents!) but then I ended up doing it anyway because it's mutha-flippin' CRIMMAH. (Festive, I know). But before I show you pictures, I'll give you a story. About three weeks ago, I worked on Saturday, and after being there for about 2 hours, the neighbor came over to enquire about who owned the red car. Why? Because he backed out of his driveway directly into my door. I don't understand people who can't drive. Yes, accidents happen, but this was impressive. However, he was honest about it, settled up for the damage, but still, still, I wanted to start with the Tyrone scene from Snatch (NSFW, and likely to offend some people, what with the swearing and what not). The rest of the day went pretty well, and when I left I wanted an Egg Nog Latte. That's all I wanted. Completely forgetting that it was the Saturday of Black Friday (does that make sense?) I went to Dartmouth Crossing. Oh God, I hate that place. It took forever to get into, I couldn't find what I was looking for, and due to the complete lack of signage anywhere, I ended up back on the highway before I even found Starbucks. I'm pretty sure the city planner for that marvel was, oh, I don't know! Satan?? So I figured I would just go to the MicMac Mall, go to the Starbucks at Chapters since it's not even IN the mall. I thought I'd be safe. I was wrong. (And why are parking spots so small now??). I had to circle to find a spot. I should have gone home. But by this time, by durn, I was on a mission (Indiana Trudy and the Quest for the Nogalatte, I would call it!) so I went in. From whence do these people come?? There were about 20 people in line for Chapters, so I quickly abandoned the idea of getting any early Christmas presents, and went directly for coffee. Sweet, sweet Christmas coffee. Now, for future reference, when I hear the girl behind the counter (I refuse to call anyone a barista) say, "I think I need more egg nog, I don't know if I have enough for one more," I will admit defeat. Because for all the traffic and the crowds and the screaming kids, that was some awful coffee. But I drank it, and drove home with the moulding from my door wrapped in brown paper in the backseat. Next time they ask me to work on Saturday, I think I'll say no.

{And now, for everyone who stuck with me through all that, onto the festive goodness!}

Snuffleupagus and a Doodlebug! Srsly!

Festive bookcase <3

Let me explain... new tv doesn't fit in the entertainment centre, but a new one is not high on the priority list right at the moment, so the tv is on the top and the cubby... well... festive cubby!

So bright. Don't look directly at them.

(Scotch tape not part of the "theme").

In keeping with the festivities/holy-poop-I'm-broke, I'm giving cookies and fudge for Christmas (which I think is how Christmas should be btw. I'm becoming very anti-consumerist in my old age). So, the fudge is not done, but this is what my table looks like (Adam's home now, so I need to get these packaged before my stocks become severely depleted)

(pumpkin drop cookies (eagerly awaiting icing), whipped shortbread, and pretzel shortbread).

Rocco really, really, really, wanted the cookies. He sat there just like that for about 25 minutes.

"Ooooooow there are cookies. Right there. I can smell them. Please, please give me the cookies."

"Yea, we can see the cookies. Can we, like, have the cookies? Those ones? Right there?"


Yea. They got a cookie. How could I say no??

Eight more sleeps, people. I hope you're all more ready than I am!

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