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Friday, October 26, 2012


Some days it really isn't worth chewing through the restraints.
I wanted to make a.... something. I dunno. I guess. It was that sort of mood. Where you're like, "OMG I'm SOOOO bored. But I don't waaaaaaana...." So I dragged myself into the sewing room... rifled through stacks of material (muhahahahaaha!! stacks of material!!) and started cutting. I figured I'd make it up as I went.

So I cut up some half-triangle blocks and sewed. And sewed some more.What did I end up with?

Ta-da! An e-reader case that is too *BLEEEEEEEEP* small for a *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* Kobo.

Easy fix. But... c'mon!!
Thankfully, sewing mishaps don't put me in the same mood as baking mishaps, so it's not on fire in the yard. Go me!

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