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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Note to self: when you have a song stuck in your head, keep it to yourself.

I no longer remember what it was that I had in my head, but I was complaining and my dad comes out with this:
"It's fine, the goose drank wine, 
the monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line.
The line broke, the monkey choked, 
They all went to heaven in a little rowboat".

I can't really get the tune across, but believe me, it's a doozy. And I cannot get it out of my head. Thanks Pa. (edit: this is seriously a song? wow).

Also: am I the only person who hates Valentine's day? I don't celebrate it, I don't want anything for it, don't buy me flowers or cards, or anything else. I don't understand what the hell the point is. I can't see what it is other than a)a big commercial holiday to fill the gap between Christmas and Easter, and/or b)a cop out for all the arses who don't do anything nice for their significant other for the rest of the year. So to you, Valentine's day, I say Booooo. BOOOOOOOO (and no, I'm not bitter. I just refuse to take part in this farce of a holiday).

So let's see. Bought some material.

Made some stuff.... 
The bags are for me... 

How could I resist this material? I mean, seriously.

Made a wee baby card...

Got some awesome material from my awesome sister....
 ...who just happens to have a birthday today (how'd you like that segue? Btw, every time I see that I saw "say-gue" in my head).HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD. Maybe next year I'll get you that clown-o-gram.

Love you!

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  1. Hi
    I hopped over from Sew Many Ways Friend Friday, just wanted to say HI. I love your fabric choices.. Have a great day! Karen