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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's a cold, cold, cold night tonight...

... to steal a little something from Bon Jovi. So I'm making some baked potato soup. And drinking more coffee (both more than normal, and more than I probably should).
I've linked up the Somewhat Simple party, want to check it out? Click-clicky!

 I've been busy, see? To quote what I keep seeing on the interweb, CREATIVITY IS MESSY AND I AM VERY CREATIVE.
Just a sneak peak, as it's for a birthday present. The tags make me happy.
 At my parent's house, the dog's aren't allowed on the carpet, hence the temporary chair gate. The big buy knows the boundaries; the wee is without boundaries. Every time you look away he's creeping in a little closer, like a wee furry ninja. Is this not the saddest thing you've ever seen?
 Baby quilt that will hopefully be quite suitable for a wee babe who's hoping to bag a moose.

Got some lovely quilt books for Christmas. The top one has a CD with quilt patterns, which are just lovely. I put together an apple core quilt before, but it was all by hand, so I'm interested to see how well this goes with machine piecing. The bottom book is a fabric artist (yes? artsy quilter? I'm not sure) from the South Shore of NS, and her work is AMAZING. Hopefully one of these days I get the ambition to try something like this. On a much, MUCH smaller scale.
Speaking of ambition, I have none. I can't believe the month of January is almost over, and I've accomplished almost nothing. So let me just put this out here:

Goals for the month of February
  1. Gym. Gym and more gym. I've been slack, and this needs to stop.
  2. I am probably single-handedly keeping a sugar plantation somewhere in business. This also needs to stop. 
  3. Finish all some of the WIPs that I have hanging around here. 
  4. Write. Something. Anything. Please
And there it is.  I'll check in with that at the end of the month. 
Also: cold weather, please f*&# off already. K, tks.

Now here's something that's been in my craw lately: That GD Nice N' Easy commercial with Kate. Y'know, "And after all this time (or whatever the Jesus the line is) Kate still looks like Kate". Yes, because if Kate hadn't been dying her hair with that shitty boxed dye from the grocery store, her grey hair might be showing, turning her into the inevitable aged gorgon all women attempt to fend off. 
Unrelated: I think I'll get my hair dyed. Seriously. Unrelated. I'm just bored. 

I've been working on some birthday presents, and some of them, not to give too much away, have put me in mind of Absolutely Fabulous, and one of these days very soon, I'm going to have to re-watch it. Do you watch it? Do you loooove it?  I love, LOVE that show. Like, I watched it so much, I'm pretty sure my dad still gets a facial tick when he hears "Wheels on fire, rolling down the roooooaaaaad". Ha! Love it!

And since my sister's bday is coming up one of these days/weeks/sometime in the near future, I have the perfect present in mind. It may or may not be related to the fabulous source of vintage clown masks I've found. That's right, Benore, be afraid. (I kid. There's really no need to be afraid. I'm well away you'd sick your dog on me, and/or beat me with a club. I assume you keep a club on hand for those infrequent, but necessary, clown beatings).

Attn: crafty people: What's one thing you would hate to do without? Could be anything, as long as you find it particularly handy.

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