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Sunday, March 17, 2013

To paint. Or not to paint.

 So, the dresser started off looking like this. Dirty. Moldy. Bird-poopy. Oh yes. A nasty mess, fo'sho'.

"All I want is a room somewhere..."

I'm feeling a bit of a draft in the back.
So I started to clean it up. I took the back off; part of it was broken, and replaced with some sort of drywall/cardboard mixture, which was most like asbestos (cough).
And then all the little wooden blocks that were holding the tracks up, well, they fell out. Turns out they were just glued in there, with what I have to assume was 80% pure horse; whatever the ingredients, it didn't hold up to water. 

That's some nice looking wood.
 But I persevered. I scrubbed everything with a mixture of oxyclean and bleach and let it dry. Then I sprayed everything with vinegar. So now what....

You never know what you'll find when you clean up your drawers.

Of course, it's not in perfect condition. It needs work. Way, way more work than I'd originally thought. Where it was sitting on the floor may be beyond saving; I may have to bring in a product to preserve rotten wood, which means I'll have to end up painting it. But I'm undecided. Oak isn't my favorite wood, and I was originally just going to peel off the veneer, but now I'm undecided... Thoughts? Tell me what you would do :D.

You looking at my cans?

Merry old soul, indeed.

These will look really nice in my place. Y'know, sometime. Soon, hopefully. :P

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