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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pneumon-ya?? I hardly know ya!

That's a stretch, I know. But I got sick, and then I got sicker, and then I got a little sicker, and 3 visits to the Dr later, they FINALLY sent me for an x-ray, and told me I have pneumonia. So I've been doing a lot of sitting on my arse and watching tv. Now, after being sick for... 5 weeks? I am annoyed. I am annoyed with my inability to do anything, to walk the dogs, to put my garden in (my poor cucumber plants!), to walk up the stairs without having to stop at the top. I feel like, a very, very old person. I am also annoyed by the fact that I went to the doctor 4 days after I started feeling bad, because I knew this wasn't just a cold, and no one took me seriously. I went, and went, and f-ing went, and only after three weeks did I get an x-ray. Anyway, I'm still good for nothing, still annoyed, the weather's so bad (rain and more rain) that I'm afraid I'm going to start growing mushrooms.

So there's a been a lot of tv watching. And these commercials? Some of these, they're not okay.
First up, there's the Febreeze commercials. All of them.  Not that there's anything wrong with them, but you can't tell me that that family sitting around the garbage can can't smell, oh, I don't know, garbage. And then, Oh, and then, there's the two ladies in the minivan full of trash. Ooooh, that woman. That woman's an asshole. I don't like the way she says, "Smells like LAUNdry, fresh out the DRYer, or a MAAAAN, fresh out the SHOWer."  Normally, I'd say she must've slept with the casting coach, but I can't imagine anyone not running from that STUPID haircut. Like, did she get drunk with some asshole friends and they did they to her? Does she have very specific hair loss? I don't understand why someone would do that on purpose. What can it possibly look like when it's down?? Like some weird Lenny Kravitz/Friar Tuck hybrid bullshit.

And then there are the commercials for online dating sites. Is anyone surprised that people who sign up for are three times more likely to find a relationship than others? These are, after all, the people who are actively looking for a relationship. And oh. Dear. God. Christian Mingle. I feel the same way about them that Dr. Sheldon Cooper feels about Will Wheaton.  I hated the commercials anyway, and then they came up with that jingle. Ooooh, that jingle.  I just have a hard time believing that God is running a website to make sure all the good Christian's get married off so that they can start making other good Christians.

Does anyone watch The Deadliest Catch? Elliot Neese is single-handedly ruining this show. Who cares about his trailer-park drama with his baby-mama? 

Sewing has taken a definite backseat. I have yet to do anything with the jersey I bought, but I have a plan, that involves drafting my own pattern since I can't seem to find what I want online, and I'm two hours away from the nearest place that sells patterns (shocking, I know).  I have some zip pouches to make for the farmer's market that I'm hoping to make it to. 

In case any one's wondering, this is, in fact, how boring my life has been lately. Cross your fingers for more excitement in the near future. 


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just found your blog (linked from a comment on Noodlehead) and I spit out my Diet Coke and may have snorted some out of my nose because I was laughing so hard reading this. I 100% agree with all opinions expressed, but I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY agree with you on Elliott. I love me some Deadliest Catch, but every time he's on screen lying to one woman or the other (does he really not realize this is all going to be televised and that the editors will clearly rejoice in exposing what an idiot he is?) I just want to throw something at him.

    You rock -- I'm now a Toughie fan.

  2. Aww, thanks :D I do love it when I can make someone spit their drink out their nose.