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Monday, July 22, 2013


I feel like the next post should be special since it's going to be No. 200, so I'll warn you now, it won't be, please don't expect much from me.
I'm still coughing and it's making me mental.
Went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and it was a bit ho-hum. It was worth my while, but I don't think I'll go back. Typical Farmer's Market, a lot of people looking, not so many buying. I did have one complaint...
Busy, I know, but just so much fabulosity on an 8' table.
Fabulous signs are courtesy of my awesome sister, wasted on the reams of people who seemingly are unable to read. Screw 'em, I think they're the bees knees.
So. Many. Little. Tags.
Beaches in a bottle.
I decided to keep this bag, by the way.
I'll do what I want.
The little tree is there to represent how these are good for the environment.
It's in a coffee cup, because the cozees are for take-out cups.
The cozee is on the cup to demonstrate what to do with it.
The wall behind the tree is for me to bang my head on the next time someone says, "Are these cuffs?"
Oh, f*$% you and your cuff.
I still love these. 

  ...I made dog cookies. I labeled them "Pooch's Pumpkin Cookies" and put them in an old dog dish. I know there's a picture right there, but clearly, it needs to be explained, since so many people were super excited to try my pumpkin cookies (and while I do make a mean pumpkin cookie, MY NAME ISN'T POOCH). Could I have made it clearer? Am I missing something here? Is this not as blatantly obvious as I thought?
By about the 6th person, I was very tempted to just say yes! Try them! They are deeee-lish.

For God sake.

Up next: garden pictures!!

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