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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laundry... neverending... laundry... *gasp*

Oh, we are not impressed.

Laundry was started at 7am. According the Brian, the Orkin Man, our clothes are not contaminated (but everything is going through a scalding wash anyway). Monday I'm taking most things to the laundromat, and I'm going to be fighting the urge to be that crazy person who travels everywhere with bleach wipes. Brian said it was likely that Adam had picked them up on the bus; ohmygodohmygodgrossssss. He also said that he wouldn't be confident that they would die from being outside unless we had a week or more of temperatures that didn't get warmer than -30. However. It will slow them down, so they're not moving anywhere. His dog picked up on 3 places (two dresser drawers and a wall outlet) in the bedroom, so we're getting chemically treated next week. For the record, should any of you find yourself in this situation, he said the worst thing you can do is try and treat the problem yourself with an aerosol spray; more often than not, it will disperse the bugs, and spread your problem.
Yea. Just what you want.
The good news is that they're just in those spots; upstairs and the basement are both clean. So the bedroom has been blocked off to keep the hound out. I had to go in there this morning. The Vapore machine was in there. I wasn't very happy about it, but I did it. I promptly wiped the entire thing with undiluted bleach. Clearly, psychologically, I'm a bit rattled. I forgot the broom in there, so I'll be making a trek to SprawlMart to get a new one. Realistically, I know that where it is is clean; I know that the bugs will stay where they are until they're drawn out by a warm body to feed (are you scratching now too?). However, the broom will be bagged, like evidence, and never used again. I can just picture them banding together, and saying, "Hang on, everybody! We don't have to walk, she's going to spread us all over the place!!".

Just Gross.


So now, back to the good stuff. I finally finished two paint-by-number kits I started when I was about 11. Yea, that's right. No one can procrastinate like me. I'm a PROcrastinator.

And the one my dad painted when he was about 10 or 12.
It was always hanging in my grandparent's house; I had no idea it was a paint-by-number until a few years ago. They'll be framed and hung in the entryway.

And finally: Link-In over at WillyWagtail where you can share your cutting tools. Here are mine:

My green handled Fiskars are for paper. But just my paper. As Adam can attest to, since I won't let him use them. The Wilkinson Sword scissors were my grandmothers; they've got to be around 20 years old, and still super sharp. My Olfa ruler and Fiskars rotary cutter have gotten a lot of use in the last year; I'm sure at some point they'll work together to get me some shiny new stitches, and then I'll finally give in and get one of those newfangled suction handles. I jumped on the Clover bandwagon and tried out their stitch ripper and I have to say, it's the best ever.

As an aside: what the hell is up with the sister in Dirty Dancing?? (Not my favorite movie, but the options are limited this time of the morning). She spends the entire movie telling Baby things she doesn't want to know, until at the end when she tells her "You're pretty in your own way." Clearly Baby learned nothing by hanging out with the staff, cause somebody, as my mom would say is "cruisin' for a bruisin'".

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  1. Thanks for joining in. Your rotary cutter looks like a good one. I still am not spending on the Clover unpick as I would just lose it. I am sure there is a mass graveyard for quick unpicks somewhere out ther. Cherrie