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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Grass it is.

Yay, a list!

  • We have chosen the colour. I think an off-white roman shade might be in order, since I can't really imagine what kind of curtain would look good with that, and not be super-girly. Or possibly brown... time will tell.
  • I would like to make some mini-doughnuts but I ran out of brown sugar. Seriously, who runs out of brown sugar??
  • I've been doing a lot of painting (work for Adam's grandfather) and it's making me feel like the blue collar Manny Coon (do not watch this if you're at work. But watch it, because it's awesome).
  • I applied for a job at a doggy day care; they wanted a "creative blurb" so I wrote it from Rocco's p.o.v.; I'll be keeping you informed if I hear back.

  • If I don't get to sew soon, I'm afraid it will heal over. Or y'know, the creative equivalent. I have a whole box of seat belts (that, as my sister pointed out, she not only got from a junk yard, but "scrubbed the neck sweat out of". Cheers. I'll make you something!) that I haven't had time to do anything with yet, not to mention the already coordinated material that should be made into Mug Rugs.
  • #1 reason I need to be employed ASAP: I find myself watching Jersey Shore whenever I notice it's on. I don't even know why. It's AWFUL. It's the tv equivalent of clamato juice, except I would never drink that, so it's not really the same. Favorite Jersey Shore-ism: slopapotamus. (n): messy-drunk girl. (Like I said, I do know it's awful).

Pictures next time.
P.S. I haven't dusted yet, and the mirror is this light? It's shameful. Mea culpa...

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