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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring? Is that you?

I thought I heard someone rustling around out here. Well, come in, make yourself at home, and please, please, stay a while.

The weather has finally been getting nice, and Adam's been living in the back yard. When we moved in, we had no yard. We had trees and bushes that started about 3' from the back of the house. In the beginning, there was greenery... This was what we could see from the deck, and even where Adam was standing was a spot he had to hack out (and he's not really crazy, he just looks that way). In the fall, we had some space
but we still had a lot of thorn bushes, a lot of trees.
Now....we have ducks! (Adam's not eating the stale bread, I swear). There's (obviously) still a lot to do,
but I can't believe how much work he got done (and for the record, I've done nothing out there. He had a little help from a friend of his, but for the most part, it was all him). There was an unbelieveable amount of garbage! And a bag that was leaking something green...
So we have some plans; hopefully this year, we'll get some planting done, and put in the fire pit and some seating. Oh, and this? This is what happens when he refuses to let me get a decent picture.

I don't think I mentioned it here, but I almost got ran over last weekend. Or the weekend before? I don't remember exactly, but my sister and I were walking the dog when Mr. Idriveavolvo was backing down his driveway so we kept walking. I assumed he looked. I mean, I don't just get in the car and not look behind me. Evidently he does though. I was much too close to his bumper when he finally slammed on the brakes; apparently he had finally seen me directly behind his car. And okay, I shouldn't have yelled; maybe I shouldn't have inquired if he had any (insert expletive here) mirrors on his car. I'm not perfect, but hey, I didn't jam the bag of dog poo in his mail box. And this is what separates me from the monkeys (I'm walking a fine line, I know).

And then!! Two days ago, I went to the grocery store. I don't like the grocery store. I don't like the feral children who appear to be there on their own, or the people who stand in the middle of the aisle, gawping at the cereal like they've never seen it before. Please, please, you're holding up all the people who just want to get some food and get out. As I was walking out, behind an older lady with a cart full of groceries, the woman ahead of her had 2 kids, about 5 and 6, and a cart with only a birthday cake in it. Halfway between the register and the door (where the carts go!) she got her cake, dropped the gd cart, and walked out. I was flabbergasted (a word I don't use very often). Still, I am stunned that anyone would have such a sense of entitlement, and complete disregard for anyone else. The woman who was ahead of me had to stop and move the empty cart to the side, as there was no way to get around on either side. And this wasn't a frazzled mother, trying to get her screaming kids out to the car. This was a very inconsiderate person, and I hope that in about 10 years, she has some kids who are just like her.

*end rant*

Thanks for sticking it out with me. Rocco's glad I'm done too.

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  1. Nice picture of you and Adam. Can I get one for my mantle?

    Oh, never mind. I don't have a mantle. Thanks anyway. Love you!!