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Saturday, March 12, 2011

*Insert your own title here*

I need a part time job with full time pay. Any suggestions? I mean, work is going well, but c'mon, I haven't gotten anything done in weeks.

Today has been semi-productive. I got some paint (an "oops" ivory) for the coffee table, and the night table, which will then be the phone table, etc, etc. Hopefully the weather cooperates, and I can do some outside painting tomorrow.

I love smoothies, especially the funky monkey (it's chocolate and banana) from Booster Juice, but I can't say I'm a fan of the price, so I bought one of these

for a little more than the cost of two smoothies. Rock on.

Earlier this week (and I'm a bad blogger because I didn't post right away), I received my swap package from Talia. Awesome.

Sorry about the crap picture, but this is my awesome package. A wonderful Burton-esque tree embroidery, some wrist warmers *I LOVE THESE* and some very nice Japanese Alice in Wonderland material (it didn't show up in the picture, but there's a gold detail in the print. SO very nice. Now, what will I make out of it??). The chocolate was delicious. Was.

So... what else is new? I got a new wooden spoon... It's Jumbo. *looks around. hears crickets*. Oh! I got a Pet Top for the hound, but there's no review, as it's raining buckets, so no trip to the park today. Hopefully tomorrow. Senor Saggyface is very bored today. I am as well....

I'll try to be back with something more entertaining/interesting/creative tomorrow, I swear!

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