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Sunday, April 17, 2011

My crafty mojo is MIA

If you see it wandering around, please send it home. In the meantime, I've discovered some things:

  1. Don't feed a dog pork. Which led to another discovery: the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets does an amazing job of cleaning carpet. Bless his furry little heart.

  2. This evening, we're starting obedience classes. Doesn't he look excited?

See, he listens really well. Sometimes. Unless he's distracted. And last week there was the "incident" where he was getting out of the car at the same time that the neighbors were letting there dog out, and he bolted across the street. Bad enough on it's own,but there was a car right there. *insert heart attack here*. His ass must've just skimmed the bumper. Oh my word. So between that, and the fact that walking him is akin to trying to halt a hatchback, this hound needs some real training. I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't just walk in and pee on someone.

3. I'm rekindling my romance with the VV Boutique. I still can't really imagine getting some clothes from there, but someday! Does anyone know anything about mugs like this? There're no markings on the bottom, just a 9-digit serial number that's etched into the pottery.

So. Today, I need to get another coat on that model car for my dad, clean the rug, do a little shopping. All the Sunday stuff that leads to the unfortunate event that is Monday Morning. Hope everybody's having a good weekend :D.

1 comment:

  1. So, how did obedience class go? I took a "canine care & maintenance" class in college & had to take our miniature doxie. We always seemed to be next to either the Old English Sheepdog or the huge Rottweiler! Good thing tho', her legs were so short the instructor couldn't tell if she was actually 'sitting' or not!!! lol
    The mug looks similar to a Royal Doulton Toby Jug. Maybe you could put that number in here:
    I'm sure the crafty mojo will be back. Soon.

    Have a great week!