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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

Cable and internet are amongst us. I forgot that we have a DVR now, and was really confused when Rocco paused tv. Turns out he doesn't have super powers.
So, let's see... I have several vintage sheets that I want to make into a dog quilt for the couch. If that will happen this weekend, I'm not sure, what with the grocer and the dog training and the car fixing tomorrow... but we'll see. Last weekend was Easter, and we were home, which led to a very happy dog who spent a lot of time doing this
and this and then some of this (And yes, that is Adam laying on my parent's kitchen floor. And yes, I do find that a little strange. But don't they look comfy?)

I haven't been doing much crafting, but I finally finished the car for my dad (it's not perfect, but dang that model paint is tricky)

It looks a lot better with the dash back in and the wheels on and what not.

So... I could be out tonight with Adam and some friends watching UFC but I was feeling antisocial, so I ducked out after supper to read and blog. That sounds awfully hermit-like, I know, but have you ever read Preston and Child??

Ooh! And before I forget, we took in the Halifax Crafters Market today. Oooh. and ahhhhhhhhhh. It was great!! I picked up a few buttons, and cards, and a wee journal, and I ended up having to go back to Quarrelsome Yeti booth for a t-shirt. Freakin' Zombie Beavers!!! I'll update with a picture, I swear. And I have a yearning for the dancing lighthouses.... Check him out, cause he's awesome.

What has everyone else been up to during my extended absence?

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  1. Welcome back to Blogland Toughie! Glad you're back in the world of the connected.