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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remember how my house was clean?

Well, first we had a very bad thunder storm
(Courtesy of The Weather Network). Which led to a whole lot of rain, which led to my house flooding. Oh dear God. The roof drain leaked, or backed up, or exploded, undetermined as of yet, which meant that the house flooded from the roof down.
This was our living room floor the next day. It did dry, but the tiles are ruined. The basement flooded, so it has to be re-insulated, but thankfully we didn't lose anything. The only thing that had to be replaced was our bed, lovingly sponsored by my awesome parents (I think they took pity on me and my horrible luck, evident because they keep calling me Schleprock). The bed was ruined because there was so much water pooling on our bedroom ceiling that it ran out of the pencil-diameter sized hole (from a hanging plant, I assume) that's over our bed. And to insure our ceiling wasn't still soaked and growing mold, this is what our ceiling looked like: Yea, those are holes. Plaster dust everywhere. Sonobenore. I wish I'd had the composure to take a picture of the water gushing from the roof drain, over the top plate, into the storage room, but I did not. Picture a fountain. In your basement. Running. All. Over. Your. Stuff.
Whatever. Two (or more. Many, many more) tears in a bucket. Over and done with.
Moving on, got a new awesome camera! A Panasonic Lumix, for only $150! So I finally sewed something, a new case. Shazaam!, right? (Photos courtesy of my poor, broken old camera)

And when you're sewing, and you think your puppy is being very quiet, this might be why:
And yes, he was stuck, every attempt to get out just spinning him around like the furriest
stooge. One more, so you don't have to just see the rear view:

On Sunday, Marcia and I went to see HP 7.2 which was, in my opinion, so very very good. We stopped in the VV boutique, where I snagged another dirty plate, no pictures, but I'll update with the entire collection. I got some good books though, including Lamb for $4. I love that book, but I refused to pay $20 for a paperback.

(New sunnies! Egg shaped lippy! EEEE such are the essentials of summer!) Inside of a Dog is very good (not from VV, but 40% off at Wally World), and the others seem quite good as well, but I'll have to review at a later time. And in keeping with the book picture, I bought (yea, I know! I actually bought a bag for myself!) this bag, but can you blame me? ;D

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