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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Whatchu doing?

Work work work. There's got to be a better way. Or maybe I'm just bitter about patching drywall for the last 3 days. Note to self: don't admit to anyone else that you know how to mud and tape. And check your lotto ticket.

So, not much new here. Up at 6.30 on a Saturday (can someone come by and beat me with a sock full of nickels?). Adam is working, the dogs are outside, most likely spreading more fluff around the deck, and I'm trying to get up the ambition to finally clean the sewing room. And the rugs will be shampooed. And once Adam is home, the insulation will be cleaned out of the storage room (maybe if I put it in writing, it'll happen? Maybe??).

I should say not much good is new here. We can't seem to get rid of the musty smell in the house since it flooded, so now I'm scared we'll have to rip out the wall in the sewing room and see what's happening in there. Also, the washer shit the bed on us. I'm assuming all the work Adam needed on his car in the dreaded #3. So also up later: shop for a new washer.


One thing is new. Rocco hated the water since we first got him. When we got him a kiddie pool at the first of the summer, he wouldn't get in it. He thought it was a big water bowl. So we threw a few balls in it, and he did his best to get them out without getting his face wet, which was quite funny to watch. So imagine our surprise when we took him to the lake, and he jumped in. Royston, of course, was right on his heels.

There's only one problem: Rocco can't float. He's a meathead. Soon as he stops, he sinks. Fast. So scary, so now he has a lifejacket. We'll be trying it out later, I'll let you know how it goes. We got it from Brenda's Doggie Dudz, and if any of you are close, and need anything from biker jackets to tutus, check her out. She's lovely, and very helpful. We also got a Lupi harness for him because while the Volhard works, it does stop him from pulling constantly, he does still pull, and I hate to see him choke himself. The training isn't going so well, because he has no interest in anything when we're outside and there are so many things to see and smell and pee on. So. Hopefully this will help.

Happy weekend!

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