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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weely Update without Kevin Nealon

On with it then. Rocco loves his life jacket. Or, since he hasn't come out and said that, I'll say that he doesn't mind it, and hasn't sunk helplessly again, so I love his life jacket. Even if I have had to explain approximately 62 times why exactly he's wearing a life jacket (I thought it would be self-explanatory). So far I've fought the urge to tell someone that he's terribly afraid the ship will sink, and refuses to take it off.

So lets see... the week was full of stupid, stinky work, and not really anything else.

This weekend we took the the dogs to the park, and to the lake, and I saw my first leech and ohmygodohmygodohmygod I would rather face a shark ohmygodsogross. (I'm ignoring that I had to work this morning because it was only for a few hours, and it wasn't so bad).

Does anyone else read Tess Gerritsen? I enjoy her a great deal.

I've replied to an ad on kijiji about a book club, and I am intrigued. I posted an ad about starting a brown owls type club as well, so hopefully there's enough interest. They're starting to take applications for the winter Halifax Crafters market, and I'm definitely, for sure, applying.

Oh man, I love almond M&Ms.

Yesterday, I finally managed to convince Adam that yard sales are just the shiz-nit. He got some golf clubs, but what sold it for him was the $5 sub. Also not pictured is my $1 yard stick (I'm collecting them to frame the chalk board in the kitchen). The afghan was $3, the cabinet was $5 (I'm going to paint it, and we'll use it for tools in the basement)....

(now up close and personal...)

...the grater/peeler was free and I have a Christmas plan for it, the book was $1 and will be used for crafting, and the glass insulators were $1 each (weird because I had just been thinking about them the other day).

Any day now, I'm going to be organized and start making things. Just as soon as it gets cold, and I don't feel like I need to be outside soaking up every spare second of summer. I mean, how can you say no to these faces?

Royston was 12 weeks yesterday... I think we're gonna need a bigger place... ;D

1 comment:

  1. They're a matched set in different colours!

    Also: I had a full on girly meltdown when I found a leech on my ankle after wading. SO gross.

    Miss you!