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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring? Spring? Has anyone seen Spring? Anyone? Anyone?

I'll admit it: my sewing room is still a mess, which I really, really, need to clean up. The need for a couch cover was *ahem* underlined for me on Friday when we went for supper and Royston helped himself to my Martha Stewart crimson felt tip pen on the pool blue microfibre couch. *deep breath* Thanks to OxyClean and my little bissell carpet cleaner, the couch is blue again. And yes, the dog still lives here. In fact, they've been really good, his training is coming along nicely....

I think the Christmas cactus is confused. I blame the snow.

And if the Avocado keeps growing like this, it'll need a name. And a place at the table (ha! Table! But more on that later).

Adam brought home some lucky bamboo, and I'm starting to think we're being taken over by odd house plants...

And that reminds me, I never did show the after of the dresser I refinished, so here it is:

One of the local radio stations, Live 105, is having an Ugly Kitchen contest.

Think I can win? It's too bad that you can't see the countertop in all it's glory, or because the kitchen is so small, I can't get a shot of the shitty job they did installing the door and show off the nice tiny sink by the 50 yr old stove. OR the fact that there's nowhere for a GD table! Or the bare lightbulb! And the stove, btw, is an asshole! Every time I put something in that drawer, it won't slide back in, one side hangs down like Paris Hilton's eyelid, but would it do it today? Noooo.

But I shouldn't complain, cause it does work (pleasedon'tjinxitpleasedon'tjinxit). Sunday I made some banana muffins, which were soooo good, and a grapefruit poundcake, which everyone should try. And invite me to your house, cause I'd like some more, please. On the menu tonight: apple butternut soup. Wish me luck! Maybe in a couple months I could be baking in a whole new kitchen! ;D

PS: I apologize for the state of this entry. I don't know what's up with the odd spacing, and thanks if you made it this far! It looks terrible, and I've tried a few times to fix it, so screw it, it is what it is. Think of it as a few moments to think about what you've just read before you get to the next part ;).

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