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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And a month has passed. Whoops.

Well, hello thurr. I do mean to blog more, and quite frankly, I'm surprised that it's been over a month! Of course, with Christmas, time does tend to pass alarmingly quick. Anyone else make a New Year's resolution? Mine is to not listen to Taylor Swift this year. On the tv? Change the channel. On the radio? Change the channel. On the PA in the grocery store? Sprint towards the doors with my hands over my ears singing "Good King Wenceslas" at the top of my lungs. Oh yes, I am serious.
I did join the gym in October, and dang, I was doing good. Lately, I've been having some sinus issues (termites, or sinusitis? Who knows) so I'm blaming the slackassery on a mixture of that and the snow. Who the hell invited the snow to winter? I mean, Jesus, some people.
So let's see, in reverse order, made some things for Christmas:
 (beach glass wreath)
 (Ornament made of an old grater with Fimo gingerbread men)
 (Makeup bag. This was my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling. Swoon.)
(Cozy little meeses).
(Not a creature was stirring, indeed).

I made other things, another bag, pj pants, a buttload of baked goods (not literally, I actually put the stuff in cute little bags and boxes. Let me just say, I was plenty tired of packing fudge), and a whole set of photo booth props. Where are the pictures, you say? Yes, good question. I must take more pictures...

Tonight I tried using my printer to print on fabric. Hallelulia.

SOOO happy with the results. I took a piece of freezer paper and ironed over the type when I was done, hopefully it'll set the ink a little better (I'd have used wax paper, but I had none, and even though I know the ink is supposed to be permanent, I figured it couldn't hurt).

Now I'm trying this neat thing where I finish what I have started before I start something new. I'm not enjoying it, but it is effective. So first up, bind the baby quilt that I was making for a friend, and then get to work on some birthday presents.  I ordered some material yesterday from, I'm so weak!! But it's lovely... and I think it's a good thing that my Grandmother didn't have access to the internet....

Let's see. What else? I'm making a (let's be honest here) half-hearted attempt at eating better. I had roaster cauliflower for supper, but yesterday I ate a bag of Hershey's cookies and cream kisses. See above: I know I'm weak. At least they were on sale? Yea, I know. Poor excuse. Here's my problem: I LOVE sweets. Chips? Pop? Fast food? No problem, I'd rather have good food. But put chocolate in front of me, and I'll see how much I can fit in my mouth at once. So, any fellow sugar junkies out there have any tips?

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