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Sunday, May 9, 2010

C'mon people of Halifax! What do you want from me??

First, I'd like to say that the craft fair was very well advertised. I met some awesome vendors, saw many, many things I wanted to buy (and ran into a friend of mine from school. And there was fudge. It was, overall, an awesome day). Except. The crowd was sparse. And the people. Well, quite frankly, they weren't friendly. I don't expect everyone to buy, but if you're coming out, say hello. Say how are you. Say lovely day out there/how about this rain/did you see the hockey game last night? I was disappointed, I won't lie. I mean, I would say about 80% of these people were very.... high-faluttin'? Bordering on condescending? Seemed like they were just too good to say hi? I mean, there were several people who seemed shocked when we spoke. There were several who almost seemed scared. There were a couple people who just ignored us. And that, ladies and gentleman, is just damn rude. My advice: if you hate people, stay in your house. Chances are, most people aren't going to like you either.
Moving on: I tried not to buy. I did. But I couldn't walk away from this

A notebook. A teeny notebook. That I can wear. So lovely. You should check her out.

And I fell in love with this guy a little, and my awesome sister brought him back to our table to come home with me. I think I'll call him Rusty.

Just incredible. Really. So unique and just, just... oh, just go look!

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