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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post #2

I know, I know, I was just here earlier. Don't worry, soon I won't have all day to do nothing (YAYAYAY!!) After months of watching every. Cent. I. Spent. I actually went out and bought something frivolous... The sunnies of 2010. Nine West, from The Bay. And I got them 25% off!!

In case you're wondering, this is what $80 of stuff from Michael's looks like, but oh! I love the clearance!! $35. Fat quarters and jewelery charms, and clips for my pouches (which I can't find at the dollarama anymore! Damn! Someone found my stash!!). On the left? That's a windup gator I got for the boy. Kept him amused all evening. I've named him Chompy (the gator I mean. The boy already has a name). The only thing I paid full price for was the split rings, and $0.10 each doesn't seem so bad. The bucket is to replant my tree in. Poor little tree, his feet are getting squished.
These were $0.99 (originally $1.17, according to the old Zeller's tag). Apparently someone's granny didn't like to give money. Bless her heart, cash is a crap gift, and I have better plans for these!!!
I'm not sure what the deal is with this pin cushions; my mom has one, just round, and it lacks the cubby. I grandmother had one that lived on top of the wall phone; it was two circular pin cushions with two of these little guys behind them. This one was never used, and the centre part is pretty sweet. $1.99? That's pretty sweet too!

This will be a pin cushion. $2.99 and I couldn't leave him behind (but I'm not going to keep him, so it's okay!). The bag from a stationary store was crumpled up in the cart, and there was a receipt for $9.34 from March 2, 1984. I hope this person doesn't need to return anything.

This was only $0.99. It's only wee, like 2.5"x6" ish. and it's a Christmas gift for someone who'll like it even more than I do :D And that's saying something cause I like it A LOT. Like, really. Like, scratch what I said about a gift, I'm totally keeping this for myself.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that Value Village sells material now? Not sporadically, like how they would sometimes have it before, but now it's yards and yards. I got about 4-5 metres of this; it's a mid weight cotton upholstery material, for.... wait for it.... wait.... $3.99. I'm keeping it for sewing room curtains when we move. And then maybe (probably. There's A LOT of it) there'll still be enough for a bag (do I seem a little obsessed with bags? Okay, but I'm not ready to admit it yet). I think a very bold wall paper for one wall will be in order to go with this. I have plans, oh yes, I do (but the perfect cabinets? Someone snatched 'em up before I could. Alas. Next time, they'll be mine!!).
In market news, which I'm very excited for, I nabbed a great counter top hand towel rack ($1.99) to display my pouches, and wallets :D. Got a pretty sweet scarf for $5.99 too (it was brand spanking new), which made me glad I hadn't gotten the $25 one I was looking at at The Bay. V. happy Tuesday indeed.


  1. Excellent bargain hunting Ms Toughie. Good luck with the new job.

  2. You really are an inspiration :) Good luck and CONGRATS on your new job, eh? I hope you still post as much as you do now. I'm selfish like that. xo