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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

C is for Crafty

I am fueled by egg nog fudge and coffee. One gathered clutch done, and mailed (what is this photo nonsense??).

One secret thing done and ready to be wrapped.

One of two wreaths is done. It started out as many yo-yos
and turned into this wreath, that I really like, and hopefully my Aunt will as well
It's busy. It's loud. It's a Festive Punch In The Face! That's what I like about it.

I'm convinced my dog is a master of disguise.
This is his, "Soooo... you're sure I can't lay up there? Cause there's a spot... right there... and no one's using it, and... no? Okay. I'll be on the floor," look.

This is more his (albeit blurry) "License and registration please," look.
Oy. Back to wreath #2...


  1. hey nice wreath! I feel like driving past your house in a fast car and hanging out the window and yelling that in a really suggestive voice. It's that nice.
    Pepper x

  2. Aww, thanks :D I was pleased with it, but I didn't know it was suggestive voice nice!