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Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's this Christmas I keep hearing of?

Start smoking. Santa says it's cool.
No, but really. It's not. Don't smoke. Every time you smoke, Santa kills an elf.
I'm rambling, but really, who thought that ad was a good idea?
Moving on, I got a blue tree. Normally I have a white tree, like so,

(I love this picture. After not decorating the year before, last year it looked extra sweet). However, this year, a)Adam wants a real tree, and b)I do not have the heart to put up my super awesome tree, with my super awesome ornaments, when my super awesome monster puppy would probably wreck havoc with his tail. SO. I'm decorating the top of the entertainment centre with an assortment of fake trees. I am excited. Sneak peak:

(D'you like how I didn't even bother to flip the picture? Slack, or what?)

What else was I saying? OH FABRIC. Flannel for pantses: One of these is for Adam. I'm not at liberty to say which. And a teaser that may or may not be for someone who reads my blog:
However, laundry beckons; the sewing room and storage room have to be organized (I'm making myself do this, because otherwise, it just won't happen!) before anything goes up for Christmas. So I guess I have my day planned out for tomorrow. Conveniently, the weather is cooperating.

Did I mention we have outside lights? Very exciting stuff. Oh! The craft sale went very well; my faith has been renewed in people who love crafty things.

And on that note, I'll just see myself out...

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