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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The internet is ruining my life.

If I don't stay away from the internet, no one is getting anything for Christmas.
Okay. That's an exaggeration, but it's definitely cutting into my productive time. The storage room is cleaned out and organized. The sewing room is almost done. I have to put some material away, and tidy up a few things (but it is mostly done, I swear; it's just that it was really a mess. Like a dump truck full of crafty bits and fabric had backed into the door, dumped, and left. Srsly). Excuse of the moment for sitting here: I'm waiting for the Aleve to kick in, because my head has just been thumping since I got up. But then, really!, then I'm back at it. Then a few touchups in the bathroom, and I will be ready to decorate!! That's pretty exciting to me right now. Tonight, I have to get my cards addressed. I picked up a pack of easy scrap book-type cards (scoff away if you make your own cards; it's a total cop out, I know ;D) and we managed to get some pictures of Rocco playing with some Christmas balls. See, we've turned into crazy dog people, so of course, we had a hat, and a jingle bell collar. But it was too cruel. It wasn't even funny. Honestly, I think my perception of him is seriously skewed, because he's far larger than I think he is. Want proof?

Sad, right? The hat is too small, and the collar is under his neck roll. Poor hound. So we're going with these ones

My to do list keeps growing, and aside from what I have to do today, and all the decorating, I have to:
  • Make pj pants (I won't lie, I was pretty excited about the 8m of freshly laundered flannel I folded yesterday. Mmmm flannelicious)
  • Make a Santa
  • Make a shadow box
  • I have a few things to make for my sister, that will not be discussed here until the New Year
  • Shopping for... uhm... everyone...
  • Mail cards
  • Wrap presents

There's more, I know there is, but I'm not going to think too hard about it right now. I don't think my poor brain can handle the overload...


  1. Rocco - you look sad and abused. Call me if you need help.

  2. Borrrrrwwwww. Bowr bowr bowrrrrr. Arrrreeewwww. Boorrwowwwww.
    (Translation: Thank you so much for your concern, you're a sweet and kind person. I assure you that I'm quite happy in my current situation; the offending hat has been thoroughly chewed, and can no longer harm anyone. While I do not need your assistance, I am always up for a walk in the park, or a nice game of fetch. As always, Rocco).

    I know what you're thinking: 'I had no idea he could type!' ;D