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Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm a bit of a doughhead by times

I was checking my float this morning, prepping for the sale tomorrow; you know me, always prepared. Like a boy scout. *Ahem* In reality, I actually just looked in my handbag, and realized I had no coffee money. Mea culpa. Anywho, I forgot about these! Along with the Wilfred Brimley-coma-inducing amount of fudge I bought, and ate, I had to get these. The man selling them, who was also selling frames, and carded buttons, had a container full of loose buttons. He said he used to make them for his mother, who crocheted jackets, and after she passed away, he found all the "leftovers" amongst her things.

He was selling them for $0.50 each, and I would feel a lot better about only buying 4 if I had grabbed his business card!! Oy.

When I got up yesterday, I found this on the chalkboard:

Admittedly, I had left quite a mess on the coffee table (am I the only one who's driven nuts by anyone else's mess, but will happily wade through my own while I'm making something?). Everyone can rest easy knowing the mess is now contained to one box (and a sewing room who's best hope is $5 worth of petrol and a match. But that's not the point here).

On a final note, this

did not seem like a comfortable way to sleep. So I tried it.


Please send help.

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