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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Third Encounters of the Mouse Kind

Who gets mice in the spring of the year? We do. We caught one that had been vacationing here over Easter weekend. I stogged every crevice with steel wool to seal anywhere I can see that they would be getting in, and then-- what's that? Yet more mouse poop? Oy. Adam was on the phone the other day, and the little bugger is running down the hall. So he yells a profanity into the phone, alarming the insurance agent, and chases the thing, which runs into the stove. So then he opens the drawer, and thinks for a split second, Well, no wonder we have mice! Who's putting dog food into the muffin tin?? before coming to the revelation that the mouse was stockpiling food in there. Four muffin cups full! (Sono'benore!) Since there hadn't been any sign of the mouse when I blocked the gap around the range vent, and there's been no sign of any more since this guys untimely demise, I think I may have inadvertently trapped him in here. Whoops. Hopefully there are no more. They're plenty cute and all, as long as they're not pooping in my house; I'm getting pretty tired of scrubbing out the cupboards.

Stay tuned for an update on the dog!

Rocco update:

-Training is going really well. He'll stay in his chair while we're eating, and he'll wait until we tell him "free" to move from a stay about 80% of the time. Now I have to train Adam to not leave shoes in the kitchen when we're gone for the day, as I am now down a pair of shoes and one flip flop. Just from today. Why? I have no idea. Test flip flops are now in place to see how he acts tomorrow.

-When left to his own devices outside, he'll do some landscaping. Anybody need some holes?

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  1. Where does one find test flip-flops? Are they actually flip-flops or just a reasonable facsimile?