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Monday, July 4, 2011

2 weeks?? Whoops

I didn't think I'd been away for so long. Let's see... work. Work. Home for the weekend. Happy Canada Day (woohoo). I'll give you an update in pictures, cause, well, that's easier for me. My wee garden by the tree.

$3 hamper from the first yard sale of the season (along with a $.25 copy of The Borrowers).

Coffee mobile was a gift from my super Ma (and the lovely curtain? That was from The VV Boutique for $3.99. I got it long before I had a kitchen window, but I couldn't pass it up).

New kettle (regular $109.99, on sale at the Paderno Blowout Sale for $20). I like the colour a lot more than my old yellow one, and this was a necessary purchase since someone boiled mine dry over the weekend. I won't name names, but it ends with DAM!

Most recent picture of my bookcase transformation. It is almost done, but then this happened:

I accidentally put a screw into a knot, which snapped off, and then the broken bit wouldn't come out, which led to a broken plaster, and a small breakdown, and screw it all, I went home for the weekend.

Dog biscuits, made with leftover biscuit dough and some cut-up chicken wieners. Delish, right?

Don't you wish this was scratch and sniff? They were short lived, but I was pretty happy that the tree bloomed at all this year.

A real post to follow soon, full of raccoon pee, delinquent adolescents, puppy pictures, and a (hopefully) finished bookcase. What have you all been up to?

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