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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Regardless of the question, coffee is the answer.

Even on days like today, when really, it's toooo hot to drink it. If I wasn't too tired, I'd say it was heat exhaustion (Ha. Get it? I know. So bad. What do you want from me?). I realized today that my camera is broken, which, obviously, I can't take a picture of. The wee clips that hold that battery.... er... flap.. closed are no longer keeping up their part of the bargain. Whose idea was it to make these out of plastic?? I Red-Greened it, and it's closed courtesy of some electrical tape. Oy, I need a raise.

Or maybe a new job. My boss, the WeeMan, I'll call him, lost his flippin' MIND at me today. I did not take it well. The reason? I painted the trim around the window on the door, that's one door, the wrong colour. OMFG. He lost it over the phone, and then apologized when he showed up, which was handy, as it kept me from getting blood on the fresh paint. Just sayin'. It reminded me of the part in The Money Pit, "You wanted this room blue, right? Like the hallway?" Bwahaha, hilarious!

Whatever, he wasn't dampening my mood, because I am one step closer to my new kitchen! See this?

It's mine! All mine!! And this?

Yea, well, I paid $50!! I was channeling Data, from the Goonies FIFTY DOLLAR BILL!! LOOK, GUYS, FIFTY DOLLAR BILL!! Piercey's in Tantallon is renovating, and all of their display hardware is on for $50. Schweeeet!!

Also, Adam named the puppy "Roy". Uhm. Oh. Okay, then. Meet Royston.
Ps. Ignore the evil villain hiding behind the pooch. I don't know what's up with that look, but I swear, he didn't eat the puppy.

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  1. I disagree. I think TEA is the answer. A nice hot cup of Orange Pekoe or Darjeerling. Black, no sugar. A brew to sooth your grannie and savage beasts alike.

    Also, Roy is very cute. I'm sure he'll make a lovely dog for someone. :)