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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's a grout day for a trowel.

That made no sense, I know, but I bought my very own grout float and 1/4" trowel today, and I'm pretty excited about it! It's a great weekend for tool shopping apparently; saved $100 (!!) on a socket set on friday, got a ratcheting screwdriver for less than a 1/3rd of the original price, got a new wrecking bar for $13 (I know most of you are bored to tears at this point, and I'm sorry!). Today's trek (in the pouring rain) took us tile shopping, and for $160, we got enough tiles for the counter top, found the perfect complementary floor tile (which you should cross your fingers for me that they'll still be there on friday!), got a hinge set for the garbage bin (since, y'know, it's slightly more effective at keeping out cats and raccoons if there's a lid), the aforementioned tiling tools, olfa blades, and 3 sanding sponges (cause they were $0.50 each). Oh, I LOVE a bargain! I know that makes me sound old, but that's because I am. I realized it for sure (like the white hair didn't give it away) when I couldn't switch the TV from the DVD player back to the cable. On a different channel, you say? Well, what will they think of next?? Anywho. Let's see.... Oh, yes, tiles....

They're 2"x2", and the floor tiles (please, puhleeeaaase be there on friday!) are a dark grey, and 8"x14". Lovely.

I need more coffee. And chocolate, cause today is supposed to be my clean-and-finish-the-bookcase day, and uhm... yea.... *whistles*.... well... about that...

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