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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yea, that's my built-in bookcase. No big deal.

This is what I started with: ...a pointless closet, that was really too small to be useful, and in an awkward spot. Well, I tore it out, and made a big mess, and it took me forever but here it is now:

It's done! Well. Ish, but I'll not bore you with the details. It's not perfect but it only cost me about $30 (I had everything but the 1/8" plywood that I used for a false back; the wallpaper, which I got from the Dollarama; and the clasp). I've missed my books. I did manage to weed them out as I unpacked them, and I have a box for the second hand store.
Detail shots (since it's been so long since I've actually done anything)

Pop over to Sew Many Ways to see more crafty ideas, re-dos, etc, etc.

A dog who desperately wants ice cream....
...and for someone who's pooped out from working in the heat to get up and play....
(And yes, Adam is still asleep there. It takes pretty much a small explosion to wake him up. Or at least something more than a 70lb dog sitting on him).

I am having some difficulties coming to terms with today being Sunday. I start a new job tomorrow, which is v. exciting, but new people scare me. Srsly. I'm always scared I'll oversleep so I wake up 18 times, and then I'm scared I'll be late, so I end up ridiculously early (not a bad thing, I know, but I feel it sets up false expectations). Anyroad....

Plans for the day:

  • Bathe the hound

  • Coffee

  • Do laundry

  • Tidy the bedroom (which is a joke, I need a shovel)

  • Coffee

  • Swing by Adam's job

  • Dog training

  • Coffee

  • Tidy the storage room

  • Make a dent in the sewing room

Hmm. That list seems long... maybe I should start with coffee....

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