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Friday, January 27, 2012

House boy, I need more coffee.

What have I done lately? I've worked! That counts, right?

I did find the perfect Christmas gift for Lori! And it's a money making venture as well!

Speaking of Lori, she gave me some Parking Citations to keep in my handbag, y'know, from when you see that Heir to the Massengil empire taking up way too much space? (Okay, so it might be because I tend to rant (a lot) when I see people in parking lots who should be supervised when they walk, let alone drive). Yea, so they look like this:

When I was leaving work yesterday, I noticed one of my co-workers was taking up 2 spaces, so I checked off the appropriate boxes, put it under his wiper, and went home. In typical fashion, I forgot about it until today, so I sent him a message to ask him how he liked it; turns out our boss picked it up and brought it in to him, and everyone thought it was a serious thing. Bwahahahahaaha.

Knowing that made up for me locking my keys and my phone and my groceries in the car when I went for sushi, and THEN after paying $1.50 to get cash out so that I could get change so that I could use the payphone, the payphone told me my phone was disconnected (it's not, but the people at the phone company seem pretty intent that it's someone else's fault that half the incoming calls here get that message). So I had to walk home. In a snowstorm. Hoping all the way that my spare keys were NOT in my handbag. Cause, uh yeah, that was in my car too. But they were not. And no one had to get hurt (although the elderly lady who was ahead of me at the cash machine, seemingly catching up in all her bills since 1958? Yea, it came close to violence).

So, how was your day? 0_o

And in other unrelated news, on my way to work I drive by a really old graveyard (which I can't find any information about, but it takes up a few city blocks, and dates back to the 1700s. Wednesday morning, a woman was just getting to the gate with her wee little Scottie dog, all decked out in a coat and wee little booties, and as it got to the gate.... it braced itself for all it was worth, and I don't know if she finally dragged him into the cemetery, but that little dog was putting up a good fight. I won't lie, I found it pretty creepy.

And speaking of creepy, someone has been coming into my house. And stealing my Tupperware. No, really. Because when I tried to put the leftovers away, I had a lot of lids, and nothing else. I mean, what the hell? It's not like I send people home with open containers of food! I came thisclose to having to put my mashed potatoes in a baggy!! I don't understand and I may have scared the dogs a little on my rampage to find the lids, but everything is okay now! Because amongst the bags of groceries that I locked in my car? There were new take-away containers. Which will be assigned serial numbers, and they will be scanned before leaving the property. Okay, not really, but if anyone knows of their whereabouts, please tell me, it's making me a little crazy(er).

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