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Friday, January 6, 2012

Where'd I leave that soapbox?

Okay, I know I have ranted this ramble before, but I loathe the people who came up with Slimband. Of course it's a "solution that works", jackass. (Here's how it works. Look at it. Please.) And the people at Alli are no better. Yea, you're skinny now. And how's that anal leakage when you eat a burger? Gross, people. I understand being overweight, I don't understand thinking surgery or drugs are the way to go about losing it. Learn to eat and get off your fat ass. Should I win the lottery, I'm getting my own commercial, and airing it after slimband. Le sigh. Speaking of which, I've cut my junk food intake to almost nothing, I've been running!! With the dogs! (Ask them if you don't believe me!!). I mean, it's slow going, but I'm doing it! Oh, and I've been hanging out at Sparkpeople again (, I highly recommend it!), and it's a HUGE eye opener to see how much you're actually eating.

Okay. I'm done now. Well, for now.

And also: I'm trying to take pictures everyday. I realized I went home for Christmas (which was awesome, even if I wasn't home for long enough!) and didn't take any pictures! Not one!! So cute. So good. SO lazy.

New Year's ducks.

Rocco's favorite perch, so he can look out the window. I think he's on constant watch for the mailman.

Remember the avocado pit I started to grow? Now I need some dirt! How's everyone else's January?

OH! Blog related, am I the only one having problems with commenting? I can comment on other people's sometimes, but no one seems to be able to comment on mine, and quite frankly, that sucks. It would be appreciated if any advice can be sent to my email. :D

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  1. God I love you! Thanks for making me smile xo (and the gentle push to get off my fat ass and exercise. I SWEAR I wasn't thinking about Slimband. Anal leakage scares me).