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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Less viewing, more doing.

Oh. My. God. How many hours have you spent blog surfing? Tell me I'm not the only one who gets sucked in to all the fantastic crafting/renovating/overhauling blogs, and the next thing I know, a significant amount of time has passed, and I'm. Still. Sitting. Here. But I HAVE A PLAN! There will be more doing, less viewing. Since deciding that this year is my year to get organized. Finally. Only took 31 years... Anyroad, I have a plan. First (as in, today. As in, what I should be doing right now) I clean the sewing room. I have a desk in there. She's beautiful. And after today, the sewing room will be the craft room/office. (Pictures to follow for proof).

I saw someone who had the great idea of working on one room a month, to get everything done in a calm and rational manor. This is foreign to me, but seems like a good idea. I'm more of the all-speed and no-control school of thought, but since that doesn't work at all I'm willing to give this a try. No, really. I will.

Now, since a)working construction is not so kind to the pocketbook in the winter, and b) we have a really small place so I don't need a whole year to get things together, I think starting in March is a reasonable plan.

  • March: Bathroom

  • April: Bedroom

  • May: Hallway/ceilings/lights

  • June: Craft room/office

  • July: Kitchen

  • August: Stairwell

  • September: Basement/storage/laundry

Entire plan subject to change. Bwahaha. Like that needs to be said.

And now, hoping I haven't bored you entirely, we'll move on to something I call "Lifestyles of the Underemployed and Mostly-Unknown". I had an entire backseat full of (crap? garbage?) stuff to donate to Value Village (it wasn't actually garbage, just things I had no reason to hang onto anymore), so of course, I went in, name is Trudy, and I'm a thriftaholic.

First, I have a new pervy-plate. I can't even tell you how giddy I get when I find these. I snatch them up like someone is just lurking around the corner waiting to grab it. Not likely, methinks.

And these! Who knew Elves had hangups? These guys are destined for greatness. I think. Most likely. Let's see what happens!

They were called "Wise Elf", "Lamplighter Elf", and "Thinking Elf", but I've renamed them "Druncle about to tell you something about You that YOU don't know Elf", "Do these overalls make me look fat Elf" and "Holy God, I shouldn't have had that last glass of nog I'm gonna burst Elf". I think I can relate to them more now.

This muffin tin is so very awesome, even if it does refuse to give up the last of it's muffin remnants. I mean, I scrubbed, I SOS'd, I put water in it and put it in the oven, and then SOS'd again. Suggestions? Anyone?

Then I found Santa. As in, OMG he's supercute and retro and needs to come home with me because who else will love him like I will? Then I accidentally scrubbed his face off...

So I figured, well, why stop now, so I kept scrubbing. And scrubbing. And f&*$ing scrubbing. How is it that 90% of the paint falls off, and the rest just. Refuses. To. Go. Anywhere. So Santa had a bath.

And then I broke out the steel wool and dental picks, and would you look at that? I was right all along.

Also, Adam does this for fun.

He thinks it's hilarious. Rocco humors him (no one tell him this is on the internet. He'd be so ashamed).

As of right now, I'm implementing my new "Get the frig off the internet and do something, Effie!" rule, so... see ya! :D

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