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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Curtains. Mostly.

There will be no pictures, they're a bit slap-dash just to keep the temperature down from 40 plus degrees. Dear God, standing there ironing them, I thought my pants were about to burst into flames. It's a great room, and once the tree outside blooms, it will be significantly cooler, but in the winter, it's impossible to work in there with the window open. Although I have thought about getting a lawn chair, putting on a bathing suit and basking in it.

(Have you ever looked closely at glasshead pins in sunlight? It's things like this that keep me from accomplishing as much as I aim for in the morning).

More interestingly: I am a thrift store junkie. Yesterday I nabbed The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 25th Anniversary Edition, for $9.99. A little expensive for Value Village, but it is in perfect condition and I couldn't find the movie anywhere for less than $30.00. And honestly, I miss it!! I miss doing the time warp! Dammit, Janet!

But I also found these.

The illustrations are so well done. Awesome. Incredible. The books themselves are in perfect shape. Courtesy of my sister, these came home with me for $0.99. For both. That's exciting to me. (And that's a scarecrow on the front of Goodnight Stories, not a klansman like my dear sister suggested). Some favorite images:

From Goodnight Stories. That jaunty young man on his bicycle seems so happy to be driving through the water. And I quite impressed with McTavish's moustache, even if his wife doesn't like it.

The title page of Time for a Rhyme. The detail!

This one is just for you, Lori. I wouldn't trust him though. Looks like he'll take your money and sell you a bag of polyfill.

These three are so odd, and so morbid. I think they need to blown up and framed. A moment of silence for Cock Robin, please.

I loves it!

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  1. I was going to comment, but I'm still observing the moment of silence.