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Monday, March 15, 2010

Roll up the Rim is clearly a fraud

Seriously, I can't even win a cookie? It's fine; I'll just make my own cookies.

I have been doing things, I swear. Even though I did have a very lazy weekend, and finally, finally watched Zombieland. Saints preserve us. It was even better than I'd hoped. All that and Bill Murray! Yowza. And in other very exciting Zombie related news: between May 5-8, Capital Health Players are putting on They Came From Eekum Seekum at Alderney Gate.

There will be pictures soon, I promise. I'm hoping to be off to a farmer's market in the very near times.
And a tip: I picked one of these up at the dollar store.
Best thing ever for picking up dropped pins/needles/thimbles. Even scissors. Really, anything that's easily dropped that likes to hide in the dark recesses under the desk.

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