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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey look! I did STUFF!

Not quite as much of a monster as the rest, but she's very pale, and with the leafy stuff in her mouth, I suspect she's a vegetarian. And that's pretty scary.

4 pouches, as I set out to accomplish (there is a finished yoga mat bag, I swear! Only one, but I still feel oddly productive. Yay!)

I am so happy with this! Old t-shirt+rotary cutter=pretty friggin' cool necklace. I must make more. I found the tutorial from Martha. What do you think? (They leave it out, but once you have the pieces lined up, twist them in a figure 8 so all the seams are lined up :D).

Clearly a sign I need to get out more: it was the highlight of my day when I thought I was done my Jr. Mints, but I found this guy hiding in the box, just cowering down in the corner. Don't worry, he fulfilled his candy destiny. He's in my bellah!
Also: I'm not afraid of clowns but I have to say, this material just isn't cool. Yes, they're laughing. But they're laughing like they just said They'll never find your body, kid! Creepy.

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