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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've been unwell.

First I thought it was food poisoning. Then I thought it was the stomach flu. Now it's morphed into something new. I have no energy, nor any colour in my skin. In good news, the swelling in my sty has gone down. If things continue like this, I'm expecting bald patches and bleeding gums by Wednesday. However, I'm hoping for a miraculous recovery because I missed the market on Saturday!! I have many things cut out that need sewing up. (Psst, there's a big craft show coming up at the Forum. I'm going! And I'm excited!) This project (which will eventually be a baby quilt for some friends) has a bit of a due date, but it will definitely be done before the baby is done baking in August or September. I have a plan for this, oh yes. I do.

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