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Thursday, April 22, 2010

So here's the thing....

I've been doing all this... stuff. Cooking and cleaning and sewing, and I still feel like I'm getting nothing done. I need to shake this flu. It's sucking my will to live.

Evidence: this is my prototype camera case. I'm not sure how I feel about it. From a distance, it's okay.
Upclose.... we have some issues. I'll work on them, and get back to you....
Baby quilt that I swear doesn't look as busy in real life. Still has to be quilted, and bound, but the top is done. Yay!
This is a genuine Guernsey/Jersey old school souvenir table cloth ($3.99. Plus travel expenses, but since I didn't have to actually GO to buy it, that doesn't count). How could I pass it up? It's in great shape, and it has a destiny. Oh yes. It does....

Along with this, of course. The Fentex bag is, well, let's just say not my style, but the handles are great, and it was $0.99!
These are pretty exciting in my world. I tossed the string of lights (paper+old plastic+electricity=a very unmerry Christmas). Can you hear them? Screaming for glitter? What do you mean, no? ;D

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