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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Market v.2.0

Saturday was our second day at the market. I am liking this. I sold two bags, and 2 coffee cozees. One bag, that I forgot to take a picture of (mea culpa. I feel bad because I was really happy with how it came out), was sort of a rust orange, with a brown tree on the front, with a few hangers-on leaves, a pile at the bottom of the tree and some swirling through the air. The woman who had the table next to us last time had requested a bag for someone who "likes leaves" and she was really happy with it (yay!!). Even better: she gave me a necklace and earring set I'd been lusting after last time, and paid me the difference (The picture doesn't do it justice; the necklace is like a knot; it reminds me of the little cloud that follows Pigpen around. I like it as much as my little Captain friend). Altogether, after the table was paid for, I brought home $41 and some awesome jewelry. Also: I have an order for a drum bag. Considering I really enjoy doing this, it's nice to make a little money from it (especially considering that, per piece, I really don't spend very much! My sewing habit could be self-sufficient!!). Not that I'm doing it all by myself; my sister does some awesome PR!

Also, there is a man who who has a few tables of produce, and looks remarkably like Woody Harrelson. Next weekend, I'm bringing a sign that says, "Hey, wanna play Big Chief?" ;D Hahaha.

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