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Monday, April 19, 2010

Thrifty things....

I sure do need a lift. Geritol? Red Bull? Good old fashioned crack? C'mon virus. It's been a week, I want to get off the couch now.

I did venture out today. Obviously, right? Along with the trek to Value Village, I went to Fabricville, dove into the remnant bin, and the boy found some brown material that will be perfect for the commissioned drum bag (I like saying commissioned. Makes it sound more like work than a hobby). Pictures to come, of course. Unless I forget.

Value Village goodies for $9.80. The Fireside Cookbook ($3.99) is copyrighted 1949, and clearly belonged to someone who had no interest in cooking. The graphics are AWESOME. $1.99 bought the material, a large piece of plaid and about 2 meters of a sort of Indian print. I have NO idea what it'll be. $0.99 for the barrel shaped toothpick holder that will be a pincushion. Assorted buttons, snowflakes, and 3 very cool vintagey looking mirrors. For what? Who knows. But they're definitely for something.

Seems particularly suitable, given the cold raining weather lately, no?

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