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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've been unwell: a post in which I complain relentlessly

I was woken up at 6am Sunday morning by a throbbing ear, but I thought, hey, some ear drops and Advil, and I'll be fine. That did not work. Sunday night, I had to sleep sitting up on the couch. In a less enlightened time, I would've had to assume that the devil himself was in my ear. Monday morning, I went to the Dr, who prescribed some antibiotics, and said to come back in a few days, because she couldn't actually see my ear drum. I haven't slept in my bed, or for more than an hour at a time, since Saturday night. I am justly annoyed, I feel. I've missed 3 days of work, which just really sucks! I went back to the Dr today, and she assured me that the drugs are starting to work, and prescribed some antibiotic/steroid ear drops. And just to add to the fun, my ear is so swollen that I can't close my jaw, so I haven't eaten anything solid since Sunday morning. I tried to get a friend of mind to come beat me with a sock full of nickles, but she never showed. You just can't rely on anybody these days.... I did find this ad though:

I think I'll send for it, see if it works ;D.


  1. If it doesn't work, I guarantee you'll be distracted.

  2. Having lived a life of ear infections, might I suggest this: soak a wash cloth in HOT water, then wring it out. Lay down or hang out in the recliner or wherever is most comfortable, with the BAD ear UP & put the hot, damp cloth on it. It has worked for me - something about heat rising & so the bad stuff will come up & out.
    Good luck Toughie. I'm getting over infections in my ear, sinuses & eyes right now, so I do know how you feel.

    ((((((((hugs for us))))))))