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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well more rain than we’d seen for a thousand years

Caused financial joys and biblical fears
It caused some smiles it caused some tears
But more to the point of our story.... (to quote Corb Lund).
I'm convinced that I don't have an ear infection: I think I've gone mouldy. In the past month (or more? Has it been more already??) we've had 2 days where we could see the sun. I think even the dog is depressed. My sister emailed me this a few days ago:

....which would be funnier if it didn't seem to frickin' accurate. However! Today it's just grey and cloudy and dreary, no rain, which means that we can do dog training outside, which is v. exciting! Today: we start leash training, thank God. See? I'm not the only one who's excited!
I've decided that I have to sew today, I think I'll make a few mug rugs for my ma. Cross my heart! Sewing will be done! As soon as I tidy up the sewing room.... *insert the sound of chirping crickets here*. That revelation came to me today when I was trying to find a spot to take some VV Boutique pictures. Shameful. I've been down with this ear thing for a week; that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. But look what I bought!

Bunnicula!! I love Bunnicula! $0.99!! (Does anyone have any suggestions for removing those old library stickers?) The Joy Of Writing was something I was going to buy when it first came out, but I'm glad I waited. $2.99 is much better than $25.

These were $0.99 each. The trivet is in anticipation of our new countertop (which I'm hoping will happen in the next few months; I'll be burying the drain tray in the backyard). I don't know what I'll do with the tin, but I love the graphics. And also, this:

Two double rolls of wallpaper for $3.99. Now, the thought of having your entire kitchen papered in this? A nauseating flashback to 1987. Using it to cover the shelves in the cupboard? A kitschy treat every time you reach for a glass.

Since it's the long weekend, this afternoon and tomorrow will be spent cleaning and hopefully sewing. I would still like to get some plant beds in, but I'll see what happens (it's cold, people! There's a frost warning for tonight for parts of NB and NS! WHAT???).

"Hey, does my ass look fat??" Bwahahaha. Turkey-butt.

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  1. You always find the most fun bargains!

    Here's hoping the sun shines on you soon!!!