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Friday, May 6, 2011


What the hell, Universe?? WTH?? I seem to be in self-destruct mode at work. First I slice my knuckle on a pot-light track; then I kink my back when I lunge to save the toilet tank that slipped from my fingers; I stabbed myself with a screwdriver; and today I jammed my pinkie, my most defenseless finger!, which now looks alarmingly like something on a bloated corpse. Also, if there's a hell it's laying vinyl tiles on an endless floor. Three days of kneeling down, and I'm afraid my knees are turning into turtle shells, and my ankles will never be the same. Am I done complaining? Hell no. I got in the car this morning to find that someone had gone through my car, and stole my change, except for $0.14. A dime and four pennies. C'mon! If you're gonna be a thief, don't half-ass it, take everything! Thankfully, they didn't take anything else, any tools, or my fabulous sunglasses, but c'mon! Just the idea that someone went through my car, my things, and probably made off with a grand total of $0.84 or something stupid makes me livid. And I just realized that my fabulous new flip flops were rung in $10 over the price. Ugh.
So. How was your day?

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