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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bathroom do-over on the cheap

This has been brought to you by various sales, Value Village, Dollarama, Winners, the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and Adam's parents (who gave him the vanity as a birthday gift). Paint included, this cost us under $150. Brace yourself for the before (it was so bad, I didn't even like to clean it, because no amount of scrubbing made it even partways livable).

Not great pics, I know, but really not a great bathroom. My favorite part was the impossible toilet paper holder. I can picture it now: "How'd you dislocate your shoulder?" "Well, I was poopin, and...." Anyway, onto the afters.

Done, minus shimming the vanity (yeah, that cardboard is very temporary). My dad and I put the sink in, and Adam put the light in. We uncovered the floor when Adam ripped out the horrible linoleum, and after he spent about 12 hours scraping off the adhesive with razor blades, this is what we're left with. The tile baseboard (repeat the hours of Adam working with a razor) had been painted over several times, and eventually we'll replace the old floor with some black and white tiles. But for now, this is like a little slice of heaven. Now if you'd like to visit, I assure you the bathroom will be clean. :D
In other news, much crafting is happening, and I won't lie, I'm feeling optimistic about the sale on Saturday, so please send some good vibes/thoughts/prayers/sage smoke/etc., in my direction.

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